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My Story…

Beat. Grow. Live. Words we can all get behind. Help me raise funds to BEAT pediatric cancer so our children can GROW and LIVE to be happy and healthy adults.

Donate to help Suzie raise money for 5K FOR KIDS CANCER’s fundraising campaign.

Recent donors

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Oct 07 Joey's Truck Repair $54.10
Sep 27 Jeff Schmehl $27.48
Sep 26 Robert Moreland $54.10
Sep 26 Liz Porter Amazing cause and GO SUZIE! $54.10
Sep 26 Team NoDa $54.10
Sep 26 The Sherrill Family Keep doing all you are doing Suzie. You continue to amaze! $107.35
Sep 24 David Rhyne $107.35
Sep 23 For Isbella Santos Foundation God Bless and stay strong! $107.35
Sep 23 Ted Williams $107.35
Sep 23 Main Street Insurance Group Undisclosed amount